What is Feed On Me?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I would take a stab at this whole blogging / podcasting deal. There has been so many times that I’m reading one of the many blogs throughout my day, or I’ll be listening to one of the many podcasts I listen to every week. And I would like to just chime in with my two cents. Or, I may have a comment on what is being discussed. And… you never know, I just might have something meaningful to say. And, people may actually want to read and care what I think.

I’m sure none of you even know who I am. I’ll introduce myself, and in future posts you discover the inner workings of what and who I am.

First of all… I’m not a writer. So please don’t slam me for poor grammar and misspellings. My name is Chris and I’ve been working in the printing and publishing industry for over 12 years. So my background is primarily prepress and printing. So making sure that designs, publications and packaging are printed the way they were intended is my specialty. So using apps like QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, and working with hi-end prepress production workflows is what I’ve been doing for over a decade. I now work for a prominent software company within the printing and publishing industry.

As I start the posting insanity, I’ll also post tips and tricks and share some how-tos that relate to design, prepress and printing technology. Think of this as a continuing “Beginner’s Guid to Prepress” and I’ll just hit on some of the fundamentals you may want to think about if you are ever going to design, print or publish anything. I’ll highlight some of those with a podcast series as well, in which we’ll do some video and audio instruction or just shoot the crap and talk about stuff that is cool.

I’ll also post my experience with technology or while shopping. I’m a Mac freak and I love all things tech. If it makes my life easier or more effecient in anyway, I’m totally into it. I just love technology. And we all know that having technology and Macs as a hobby can be expensive, so I will also post on where I save some ching and where I found some great deals on some wicked-cool tech.

Well… this is the first post.. I hope there are many many more. I hope to meet all of you, and thanks in advance to those who give me a chance at this fun and exciting opportunity.

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  1. indian cabbie
    November 16, 2006 at 4:58 pm

    cool people do not forget to mention their loyal cabbie and his blkberry pearl. some cool people… ;-)

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