Super Simple Color Correction…

Here is one of the quickest ways to do a down and dirty Color Correction. This really serves two purposes. 1)It is a good place to start and then continue with a more thorough correction method. or… 2) When you just need a quick 2 second color correction and you are going to keep the color space in RGB for onscreen viewing and such.

It is really very simple and sometimes overlooked. Basically all we are going to do is touch the Levels with our RGB image. This can be more useful when using a not-so-safisticated, entry level digital camera or scanner. The more pro-sumer, and higher end cameras do a much better job in capturing a larger tonal range of the image. So that is what are going to do. We are going to use the full tonal range of what was actually captured. The highlight and shadow areas of each of the R, G, B channels are clipped and we are going to push the image out to include a more full tonal range. I’m probably not really explaining too well, but just check this out and you’ll see what I mean…

1) Start by opening your uncorrected image in Photoshop or other image editing app. Open or display the area to which you are going to make a level adjustment.


2) Let’s take a look at the dialog box. Notice that we are going to adjust each channel individually. This is important. DO NOT adjust all the channels at once. Each channel will have a different adjustment. Pay attention to the histogram or the graph representing the pixels of the image. In this particular image, our pixels drop out through the 1/4 tones near the hightlight areas. For each channel we are going to slide the Highlight and Shadow Sliders towards the middle slider. Move the slider just to where the pixels start their climb.



Once you’ve done this, check out the before and after pics. Although, it is not perfect, there much more detail, higher contrast, and a truer color.



This isn’t the be all end all of Color Correction. But it is a quick and easy way to adjust those pics that need a little tweaking.

Have fun!

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